Architecture has recently gained a whole series of questions and responses for me.  I used to have this one track mind and thought of architecture as simply buildings.  Ignoring words such as space, landscape, people, etc.  I have since learned many factors that play an importance in architecture, not only in day to day environments but also the importance “buildings” and “spaces” have played in history.  Reading the article about erasers is fascinating and a simple idea that is easily overlooked.  The impact of the way the eraser has evolved and transformed is rather interesting.  We have moved from hand drafting to computer drafting, then to 3D modeling, laser cutting, and using robots to assist in the design and building process.  I think there is something to be said about the transformation of the “process” in architecture.  I almost feel like sometimes we go to the technology too soon and lose that idea of drawing something such as a sketch and let the technology control our designs too much.

Mies idea of the creative design process over form is an interesting aspect that I have not thought of.  I agree with his statement though because it does seem that when you start designing with a certain form in your head, the outcome of your design tends to go towards symmetry and traditional architecture.  I would also say it hinders the creative concept you may have started with.